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Charity collections
Family run business

Textile and Footwear Recycling

SAIT specialise in the the recycling of all different types of garments and footwear.

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We are able to a provide fast reliable charity collection service paying top rates at time of collection.

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About us

LW Sait & Sons is a family run company which specialises in the re-use and recycling of textiles. The business first started in the 1930s with our Great-Grandfather, Bert Sait, a Rag ā€˜nā€™ Bone man, opening his first shop.

We operate a well-reputed textile recycling company, working with many charities, schools and clubs across the South East.

Currently we're able to collect approximately 150 tonnes of textiles per week. Our driving staff are reliable, polite, friendly and they all have 24hr telephone contact with the office.

All types textile waste, shoes and books are eligible for collection.

Our partners

Working in partnership the community

Proudly a certified member of the Trader Recycling Universal Standard

TRUST ā€“ Trader Recycling Universal Standard ā€“ is the outcome of a coalition dedicated to boost standards within the recycling sector.

It has the backing of more than 2,500 charity shops across the United Kingdom, and was formed in 2019 from representatives of the Charity Retail Association, Textile Recycling Association, charity retail chains, academics, waste reduction charities, textile recyclers, and input from the Environment Agency, the WISH (Waste Industry Safety and Health) Forum and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

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